Scratch marks?!!

My boyfriend works in a bar until about 11.30 on the weekend- he usually goes out for a few after work and will return home semi drunk. Last weekend he came back so drunk he threw up everywhere. Tonight he returned at 5am- 2hrs after everything closed ans said he was 'at the beach'. It's been raining pretty heavy tonight and he had no coat either. I struggle to trust as he has previous history of messaging girls and has slept with someone last year and lied about it for a long time. So tonight I am obviously extremely paranoid that he's gone back with someone after the club. His tshirt was also back to front (plain black- says it had been all night). So I ask him if he's been with anyone and he says no, keeps denying. When he takes his top off he has two sets of nail marks either side of his back. He has no nails- I haven't seen him for over 24hrs so definitely not me. He says he doesn't know how they happened. Bullshit though right? How can I believe that with those perfect scratch marks either side of his back? He says I'm crazy but I know this is no freak coincidence. Thoughts?


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  • You've been unhappy for a long time with your boyfriend with both his debts and his alcohol issues, which are having a severe and detrimental effect upon your health.

    He is your first serious relationship and as such you're probably not equipped to realise that he is not worth the effort that you put in. There are plenty of more trustworthy individuals around.

    Two years of struggle is enough, don't you think?

  • Hi Vicky, so sorry to hear what your boyfriends been up to, but your not soft and quite clearly court him out !!!!! Yes he's been with somebody you have the evidence and good for you noticing the T.shirt, you have court him out, get rid of him he can not be trusted, if he's done it once hel do it again !!! Your better than that !!! It's very hard to end a relationship but in the long run you'll be glad you did it, and will see him for what he is, very best of luck let me know how you get on xx

  • This is totally obvious. I have experienced such a situation, and you don't want to believe it, and are tied up with this guy, and you don't want to face up to the fact that you need to find new friends, new circles, and most of get out of this situation. Find a level playing field that doesn't degrade you and cause you regret about what you have to do and about yourself. There are lots of good, genuine, respectful people out there. Go to a church, or your church if you have one, and ask for support to get away from this person who does not respect you.

  • I believe he's doing the dirty on you and so do you. He obviously has no respect for you. I personally wouldn't waste another minute on this man or so he calls himself. He needs a kick up the backside, his bags. Would be packed and left on the outside of my front door. Move on as they say the sweetest revenge is success and you will succeed without him. You deserve better.all the best love xx

  • Thankyou! X

  • Try sitting down with him and say" I would like you back home right after work cause I'm having feelings that you are cheating on me". And if he doesn't agree to what you ask then tell him that you don't want to be with him anymore cause if your trYing to work oUT the relationship aND he doesnt want to try, then hes not wOrth wasting anymore time with.

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