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Been doing so well

I've been managing my anxiety really well but seem to be letting it come back. Lots of bad behaviour is creeping back. Over eating, making excuses for things, not sleeping. I've had a massive binge, not exercising, not getting jobs done, worrying I've not done a good job. I've achieved so much, I'm working now, lost three stone, improved my home, have a set budget and learning again. I've been told recently that I need to wear more make up, do my hair, dress differently, and I need to have some beauty treatments to make me look clean. I do all beauty routine. Have people speak for me and try to organise me. My 4 year old son has been unsettled from being out of routine. I have family pressures where I don't feel valued. This comes through in my work as I then appear under confident even though I know I'm doing a good job. I start re-evaluating what they say.

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Hi love your post touched me, we all have bad days and we all cant be bothered to make ourselves look amazing even film stars xxx I do however always get jobs done thats on my mind by making a list and do one at a time, lessens the anxiety and you'll sleep better ready for the next day ahead. You deal with it your way not how other tell you. Not even me. You've managed before and you will again thats how us sufferers deal with it. You'll get back on the bandwagon and step forwards again. Other people may have opinions, but its your opinion on yourself that counts, and your beautiful. Little boy don't forget that. You can do it its the only way forward succeed I am. I do things for me n no one else. We have to with this illness'. Take care love ❤😏

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Thanks for your reply. I've only just seen it. Hope you're okay


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