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I've been doing good with my anxiety, then bam. so stressful=(

I have been having a lot less anxiety since I got off my last birth control. As I was walking today I was feeling shortness of bresth, chest tightness and started thinking something bad will happen. My calves locked after I rollerblade so that's why I had to walk back. It was feeling so unbearable that I called 911 and they came and checked my vitals. All of my vitals were fine. I really am stressed from all this happening over and over. I stay positive most of the time, but it can be so overwhelming thst I get down. I need feedback please.

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I understand how you feel.. Lately I've been having these weirs pains by my shoulder blades and in both my breast.. The pain is short for like a min and it goes away.. Its been like that daily for about two weeks now.. I even went to the ER twice and they did xrays and ekg and apparently everything is ok.. I'm going to request a mammogram.. 😣😕


A racing mind is always full. To relieve anxiety we must create space....a walk with nature, helping someone less fortunate, reading helpful positive material...take all the help you can get,it is out there...I truly wish you peacex

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