hi there would you say its normal to feel physically and emotionally drained from anxiety. I've started keeping myself awake at night thinking that if I fall asleep I will die. Then i go online type in my physical symptoms and find out heart failure and get myself very anxious. I don't know what to do anymore. I give up! I've had sleepless nights for 8 years now and haven't had a good might sleep and all because I think everyday that 'this is the day I might die' and end up scaring myself. I have bags under my eyes and have tried alot of things please if you have anything that you think will help me ! please leave a comment!


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  • Hi Jamie, that's truly awful but I can relate to your symptoms. I wake up most mornings kinda in the same frame of mind. I've never ever had anxiety before. I'm on medication and been given other ones this morning so will see. I'm signed off until January. Are you taking anything, do you work currently?

  • Hi thanks jill06 , no I don't work at the moment, I am not capable of handling the stress from work at the moment. And I have been on quite a few different medications but none have ever worked. So I gave up on them and currently am on no medications. But I'm quite thankful other people have problems like me. Although I don't want anyone to suffer what we suffer but I suppose it's just life!

  • Nothing, to me, is more draining than anxiety. Don't be too hard on yourself... just take it easy... the good times will come around again, too!

    Google is something you have to 'handle with care.' It is a great tool....but if you are going to ask generalized symptoms that could fit into a HUNDRED diagnosis, you are really asking for trouble... Been there, done that, not scolding you! :)

    Do you take anything to help you sleep? I use Unisom every night...usually just a half a pill. Its an over the counter sleep aid. Benedryl helps some people. I would NEVER TRY Ambien! Ever. That drug is NUTS...and should be gotten rid of.

    Sometimes listening to healing meditation tapes right before or when you are in bed can help.

  • Hi Bettya thanks for your advice! I definitely wont rely on google to give me answers anymore! I really am trying nit to be on medications because I've been on so many different medications and yes I admit they make me sleepy bit not enough to get me asleep! So I will definitely try that music therapy before bed! Thanks

  • Omg I have the same problem. I can't fall Asleep until its 6 AM and I see light shining through my curtains. I can't sleep at night at all. I once tried and I kept being jolted awake in 2 hr intervals and less so I kept awake. It's been 3 years for me 😔 I'm so sorry you feel this way. I keep myself busy watching cartoons and writing or reading a book. I fall asleep with my mother since alone my thoughts keep bugging me. I have wild thoughts about myself dying and It's insane. I feel so sorry you're feeling this. Hope you get better soon. X

  • Thanks mrsherondale, looks like we suffer similar problems. Just feels good to know I'm not alone! Thanks for your comment!

  • Yes I hope we all feel better soon :)

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