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Relax & quit worrying , obsessing?


It's been a bit since I posted anything on here. I wanted some advice . Things are somewhat ok with me, as far as anxiety goes. Everything else is fine. With my anxiety & especially health anxiety, I obsess over every twitch or little ache that comes my way. I think about it afterwards once it goes away , Daily until I find something else to worry about. It's embarrassing as ever . I would confide in someone, but it seems that I don't have anyone who gets it. Could anyone relate? If so , how do you go about dealing with the issue ? What steps do you take to not worry , or panic over the littlest things??

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Hi hippie,

No one gets it, and no one wants to hear our worries. I'm not sure what to tell you as I feel lost and alone with my worries. My hubby tries very hard to understand and be helpful. I try very hard not to express every thought that I'm thinking regarding my anxiety over my health but some days are particularly bad and I can't pretend to feel well. That's the hardest part is the pretending and the fact that all my joy is being robbed from me. I so want to feel good and go about my days with nothing that slows me down or makes me feel badly. I have started to listen to guided meditations. Have you tried this? On my worst days I unfortunately take Ativan and do not want to continue to do this. I think most of my symptoms are due to this drug and I don't know what to do about it.

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Hi sunny!!

I should try these meditations again. They definitely helped me. I agree, I feel alone as well. My parents try to get it , but I know they don't. My counselor gets it but it's not like she stays with me , so I can't talk to her daily. It's interfering with everything , school , jobs, & even my dating . I'm anxious to have a new relationship, not only due to heartbreak recently , but of course my anxiety..the health anxiety is a bummer. I had to cancel a date because of it. I want to put this anxiety on a boat & watch it sail away . In my opinion , meds did not help. Lorazepam was a mess. I wouldn't leave my house. But, my fellow anxious one...don't fret, that was my experience. My opinion , if YOU truly think it's not worth it, taking those meds, definitely taper off, & taper off slow. Good luck on the taper , if you choose to do that. Well, I appreciate the advice & I definitely will try that :)) 💞💞


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