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Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Hi everyone! I'm just realizing that there's an actual name associated with what I've experienced a few times. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced nocturnal panic attacks when they fall asleep right after coming down from an awake anxiety attack or trying to calm down (sometimes I try to fall asleep to avoid the anxiety). My anxiety attacks are usually health related (minor pain and thoughts rush to serious medical conditions). Just wondering if this was the case with others who have experienced this.

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Not me Kelly, but it sounds a useful ability to fall asleep after a panic attack. Stops the panic continuing and hopefully you have pleasant dreams.

You sound as if you have your anxiety attacks in perspective (minor pain rushing to thoughts of serious medical conditions ) which I would say puts you more in control than most people of your anxiety. It is nice to read of someone who realises rationally that despite thoughts of anxiety and serious medical conditions ,that its due to minor pain.

As the site gets far more people posting about anxiety than depression, my guess is that if you can put advice into words you would help so many on this site.

Best regards Olderal


Earlier this year i had those almost every day, i would be asleep for maybe an hour and then wake up to a panic attack, my anxiety is also health related, i used to get them without panic attacks during day time too, even though i got them often at the time. Now i havent had a panic attack in about four months


I also suffer from anxiety about my health. I am suffering right now. Seeing my GP tomorrow .


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