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How to stop anxiety physical symptoms?

Not only that anxiety makes me deal with scary thoughts, but also scary symptoms that lead to even scarier thoughts. I am experiencing so many symptoms. I have tried EVERYTHING, nothing seems to stop them. I feel hopeless. If they go on, I don't think i will be able to continue with school, or with life. i wan't everything to be normal again. Here are my symptoms:

Dizziness, feeling weak and overwhelmed, hard breathing, visual snow floaters and flashes hat i see every second.

Is there anything that might help me, since I am out of options that i know. I did a few blood tests because of this, but it is completely healthy, yet my symptoms even go worse.

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Hi mittensque,

I am brand new on the site but I can completely sympathise with how your physical symptoms make you feel. You feel as though there is a wave of anxiety taking over your whole body and you feel like you can't move.

I have found that sitting down (alone if possible) and telling myself that the feelings will pass and keep saying that until the do. Take deep long breaths and focus as much as you can on your breathing. The adrenaline burst will eventually fade and it's having the reassuring thoughts that nothing bad is going to happen to you and that it is all just anxiety playing it's cruel tricks on you. Perhaps telling someone you are close to how you are feeling will help. They may be able to give you the reassurance if you can give it to yourself - even over the phone (I know what I should tell myself but I find my partner or my dad really help bring it all into context)

Remember it is an illness and you are not alone with your experiences and how you feel. xx


You are not alone..I'm dizzy allll day plus head and ear pressure...I've taken Prozac and Zoloft but the side effects were just too much for me...I've tried natural remedies as is so difficult to live with and I'm trying everyday by googling questioning and reading on different ways to be able to even function...I just started wellbutrin because I need something to get me straight...


hi im dizzy all day too... is yours 24/7 constant? have you been tested for any imbalances? did your anxiety start after or before the dizziness? it might be ear related? I cant take any anti's either....


My dizziness started after my anxiety... Oh god the head pressure is just absolutely horrible


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