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Cbt discharge

Hi all hope you are well I've been discharged from the Cbt program on my 4th session I'm so happy with my self sum reasons are that I'm away next week n my councillor said it was her last week too n after that is av to get used to someone else who doesn't know me she was more than happy to discharge me now though due to me doing so well n even she noticed the difference in me

So I hope this gives you all a nice kick we can beat it and we just need to keep going push you're self then little steps we need to take n once you av accomplished that remember you can conqour the world 😀😄😀😀😄😀😄💖

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Well done & keep being strong. I had CBT 5 years ago & it was amazing, so helpful. I've had a relapse now though due to so many stressful things in my life and am currently waiting to have CBT again x

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Thank you she said I've done all the right things n I've took a lot on board n she said to just keep going n keep going n you will do it so I'm proud of myself as well but my journeys not over yet but I will continue to carry on what I've been taught xx


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