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I am suffering from severe headaches at the minute. It tends to be in one side and I keep getting pain and pressure. My eye waters and hurts on the same side as does my ear which feels full and keeps popping. This has been going on since January on and off but for the last month has occurred everyday. I know it's not anxiety related, but don't know how to convince my doctor of this. Any suggestions?

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I suffer with a lot of congestion and sinus problems which gives me very similar symptoms to what you describe

Sometimes though anxiety can give us physical symptoms but before your Doctor puts it down to anxiety as it is causing you so much distress you have a right to ask to be referred

You could see another Doctor in the same surgery that maybe less quick to write it down as anxiety but whichever I would go back & simply say , I know I suffer with anxiety ( if you feel you do that is ) but I also know my own body and on this occasion I feel there is something else underlying that is causing these symptoms , so I would like to be referred please

If you are in the UK and ask to be referred the Doctors really should not refuse you

Good Luck :-) x


Thanks ever so much for this. A few months back, a doctor did think I might have sinus issues (before I was getting the headaches). You have really reassured me. I will definitely be more assertive.

Thanks again




Glad it helped you a little , I know because I have been there and sometimes some Doctors can be very quick to pass everything down to anxiety and I have had to push at times to get referred and yes sometimes they have been right and nothing can be found and sometimes a little something has been wrong and I know when we have anxiety we struggle to speak up but do it no matter how anxious you feel because it is for your comfort and peace of mind :-)

Good Luck and let us know if you get that referral :-) x

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