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We are not crazy

Hi all just Avin a little rant today something was brought up about gps and personally I think some of them including my own are not very considerate at all think they just look at u like we are mad

But the minute we mention anxiety it goes no further coz everything we tell em it's anexity !!!!!!

It's not fair n I think u need a good understanding gp who can help talk n guide you

I know we are not stir crazy even though it feels like we are going mad but hey we're still here n living every day of our lives some bad days some good but the main thing is we av support on this site n it's such a good site if I'm feeling dwn I come on here n just read other pols posts coz it helps !!!!!!!!

Ok rant over

Hope everyone is having a good day remember think positive :-)

K xx

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I am lucky to have met a patient and understanding (spending time to know my personality) psychiatrist to help me. Makes me less nervous during appointments with him. And Yes people here in this site are really nice and supportive!

Feel free to rant! Have a good day!


So true I feel the same you get new symptoms that seem to be worse and impossible for anxiety to cause but they just don't give you answers and assume it's part of your anxiety. X

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