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Bam anxiety

So Interesting one day I'm walking in the forest I get really Dizzy, I go to ER ekg stess test fancy xray. No heart problems, so next day i go to my Doctor prescibes new BP pills and some antibiotics for a stomach issue at the same time. Boom next two days terrible anxiety, lightheaded stressed muscles so I quit pills. It's now been three weeks anxiety every day, terrible in the morning better as day goes on. This is so stessful consumes my thinking, crying, I don't cry. I have had anxiety in the past nothing like this😂 I have had a pretty complete check over physically, so wierd hard to convince myself it just anxiety not something physical.

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Arghhh. I know. Anxiety is amazing. Not good amazing, amazing in the sense of how it can affect you. But anxiety is not a cause. It is the result!


You will see many similar posts to yours same symptoms people not believing it's 'just' anxiety. This seems to be a common theme I too am like you find it very hard to believe it's anxiety. Do some reading on anxiety and panic disorder this helps me to reassure me. A really good book is hope and help for your nerves.

Hope you feel better soon :)


I just love how it comes on so suddenly and has all sorts of crazy symptoms! I also have a hard time with it so I understand. Just no fun! hope u feel better!!!

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The silly thing I don't really have stress in my life. So it hard to understand why I have it. It's just anxiety is the montra of the day. ;)


I didn't have much stress when anxiety started attacking me 25 or so years ago😥 but now I seem to always be stressed!


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