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struggling to take a deep breath

I am now finding it more harder to try and take a deep breath through out the day, I have also noticed today that when i am trying to take a deep breath I can feeling myself panicking but I dont know why? I dont feel stressed but my mum thinks I have anxiety but i am now feeling annoyed and fed up about not being able to take a deep breath.

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It's a mental thing. I get this too. Your probably breathing more in your chest and then once you realise you feel suffocated and by then you're already panicking. Mine comes randomly even when I'm just sitting around :/ I totally understand


Have you seen a doctor about your not being able to take deep breaths. Knowing you are okay physically might relieve your stress. Do you drink water and stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause your body to be stressed which will affect your breathing.


Hi just let u know first you are not alone I suffer the exact same thing. Keep feeling not getting enough air and choking it is a horrible sensation u should go c your doc if your finding it to hard to cope it's just anxiety your mind is playing tricks on us telling us were not getting enough air when u feel panic coming on breath through your and out through your mouth sip on water try change your mind to something else hope you feel better soon

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