I feel weird all the time


I´m 17 years old guy and I have this problem, where since I wake up I feel weird. Im not sick, I dont have headaches but I cant concentrate, I am tired, annoyed very easily. After I brush my teeth I feel this minty taste in my mouth that makes everything I eat taste bad.

Usually very helpful is for me to go out, stretch, talk to people or listen to energetic music so I "wake" myself up .

In general i feel tired even though I´ve slep enough.

I dont know how other people do it. Like I when I come to school, everyone is fresh and ready and I´m like I can´t talk loudly, I am sleepy and things like so.

I´ve read somewhere that it might be because I go to sleep later and wake up later. Or that it will just go away after some time.

I dont have any disease.

Does anyone have this problem? Or know someone who did and fixed it somehow?

Thanks for answer


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3 Replies

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling how you used to. Have you got a lot on your mind at the moment? Have you always found concentrating difficult or is this a recent thing?

  • Hi,

    At the moment, no, I dont have that much things to worry about. And concentrating was always a little harder, but not like I am reading something and after half a page I forget what is going on.

  • I suffer from constant tiredness and lack of concentration. I've had several blood tests done and they've all come back clear. It started when I was 17 and I'm now 19. I think it could be something so simple. Or how my mother likes to put it. .it's just the way I am. Get checked out and tick things off the list. Could be something so simple like a vitamin defiencey.

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