Why am I too scared to move

Hi, I have suffered anxiety and social phobias for many years I have recently come out of rehab to detox of of alcohol and diazapam and I am finding it hard to cope with life I don't go out and sit sometimes all day I feel I'm to scared to move and the feeling I have inside is the feeling of utter terror can anyone give me advice please. Thank you


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  • I've experienced this and still do though my reasons are different. It may be overwhelming, but take small steps. Go outside for an hour. Sit in the car. But mostly, don't react fearfully to being overwhelmed. It's normal to be, especially after what you've gone through. Tell yourself it's okay, and congratulate yourself every time you accomplish something. Gradually increase this and you WILL see a difference.

  • Hi I'm kathleen I have a lot with the same thing I was taking lorenzepam for 30years but since there took me off them I suffered a lot with different thinks like vertigo high blood pressure and I feel sick and get sissy bout I hope you get well soon kathleen

  • i get this when im left on my own, like im to scared to move incase something bad happens, i noticed and realized i never used to do this before and its stopping me from doing things while im on my own, so nw when i notice that im jus sitting here from fear, i pick myself up and walk to the kitchen or bathroom, then after i realize nothing bad has happened, this reinforces in my brain and the next time its easier. small steps leads to big changes, push urself in the right direction and you will get your life back, ur already going in the right direction :-) xx

  • This is pretty common when coming off of benzodiazepines. Depending on the dosage and duration that you took them, you will have a varying time line for your Gaza receptors to repair. Rest assured they will, but it takes time. It was Xanax for me. Best GG

  • I have a similar problem with my anxiety, feeling inner terror. I used to feel afraid to move as well, I would lie stiff in my bed clenching my back muscles and shaking out of fear that'll i'll lose control. What I did was force myself to at least stand outside my front door because I became so angry and pissed off for being imprisoned by my anxiety. I got over the fear of moving around but I still do feel the inner turmoil/terror, however, not as much as before. My social anxiety on the other hand is another battle I have to face, I try to stay away from people I am a very lonely person.

  • Joeyjoey I understand everything you have said and walked in your shoes, like you a battle everyday with horrendous anixtey and depression, the feeling of being so frightened it's awful, exspeacilly when it takes over and your unable to control it, I just want you to know I suffer exactly the same as you and your not on your own, I to am extreme lonely due to me isolating myself. Keep I touch

  • Hi, thanks so much. Loneliness is a huge part of my life to it would be so nice if people like us could talk, but then again that is hard for us too.

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