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How to stop being afraid

Hi im 17 yrs old. Been thinking too much while sitting at home. Cant enjoy anything. Even while watching a movie i keep thinking about anxiety. My physical symptoms are almoost all gone . Just this anxiety in my head... im sleeping well. I keep overthinking everything . And sometimes i think that im over tgen 5 min later all the worries and fears are back . Please help . How do i feel normal again

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I feel exsctly the same way. Whenever I watch a movie I lose interest and my anxiety starts and its so hard not to think of it. But once the bad thoughts come let them in. And ignore them. Imagine them as totally harmless thoughts and imagine it as a wave coursing over you which will not harm you. And once you accept it it'll be easier. Also, distract yourself. Try to focus on the movie. I seek comfort thinking alot of people out there are like me suffering from this. If they make it through so can I. It's very comforting. I hope you get better soon.


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