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Aching in lower part of arm

I got this aching in the lower part of my arm. (near my wrist), I know what it is as mentioned it to the Doctor. It's definately tension as my face keeps feeling strange like a burning and a little numb.

Had hell of a day sorting family stuff out as I got a Power of Attorney with my mum in a home and got work to face tomorrow. Trying to keep calm but struggling here. Had to write this as it helps me to feel a little better. Just wish this aching to go away and I could stop worrying.

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Sounds like you have a lot of stress as well in your life so there is no wonder the pain is feeling worse

I just wanted to say I had read your post and I hope everything goes well for you :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for that. I had my second day back at work today, it was hard but it went really well and people were really nice to me, perhaps there is more of an understanding on mental illness than I thought . 😊😎


Oh really pleased everything has gone a lot better than you were expecting :-)

I think sometimes what we build up in our imaginations can be so much worse than what we encounter and yes I think even though people may not understand anxiety if they do not suffer with it there is a better understanding and some even have some compassion

I hope it keeps getting better & better :-) x

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