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we all do it!! every hypochondriac has googled at least one symtom on their lifetime.

so basically i had hiccups so i was googling the causes (even though i knew mine was from drinking a fizzy drink) and brain tumor popped up.

of course i went in to absolute meltdown but i realised what an idiot i was and hiccups are a normal everyday thing.

even something as stupid as hiccups got me thinking there's something wrong with me!!

has this happened to anyone else?

please leave your stories so i won't feel like such an idiot!

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Well I never thought Hiccups was a Brain tumor you learn something new everyday & I have Googled over the years most things , so much so that by the time I get to the Doctors I sit there telling her what I have & to her dismay she would ask me when would I stop thinking Google was a Doctor that could diagnose me !

I would not have the time & this reply would be that long nobody would get to the end of it if I listed the things I have Googled and then freaked myself out over the years you name it I have Googled it !

But over the last few years I have done my up most to stop doing it as I realize Google is my worse enemy

I certainly do not think you are stupid or an idiot but I know what it is like to have Health Anxiety and how that feels but the positive is when we can see what we have and then realize what we are doing and start to make changes and even though habits can be hard to break by freaking out which would be a normal reaction as it is what we are used to realizing that it is a normal every day thing to have Hiccups is a real step forward so that makes you very sensible :-)

Hope you get lots of stories .....Oh I can tell you one that is not about me or Google but I had a friend & she had new Jeans on which she forgot were new ...all of a sudden she had notice her hands had turned blue ...she had Health Anxiety and she started to freak out , think she was near to phoning an ambulance then after we were studying her hands we realized she was sweating & hot and the die from her new Jeans were what had turned her hands blue ! We all were laughing in the end but an example how we always seem to jump to the worse scenario & freak out before we look at the rational explanation

Hope you get lot's of stories from others x

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thank you so much!! this made me feel s lot better and tbh that's something I would of done! x

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Well, you are not an idiot, or better yet, if you are, you're not alone :p

Lol just kiddin... :p

Internet is a very good source of knowledge, however when it comes to googling your symptoms, it can prove out to be a little bit mind boggling. I'll share my story, and also a very interesting theory as to why google does that to most of the peoples. As in, why does it end most the people up in believing that they have a terminal disease.

My story, is simple, and just keeps repeating itself. I lost my brother to meningitis, (Tubercolosis mengitis) because of which I had to read a lot about it. I just made a mental checklist of the symptos myself. And whenever even one of the symptoms pop up (which are just normal things like, headache, neck pain), I just convinc myself enough that I have meningitis, and make my life a living nightmare for the rest of the week.

Apart from that, there are other terminal diseases to add, like Cancer, Tumors, and other types of cancer that I have never heard of in my life.

Here's the theory why it does that to most of us.

Google is a search engine, and a search engine is suppose to give you the best results for your search term. When it comes to googling for music and movies, it gives you the best sites on top results that are more likely to give you the file.

However when it comes to health or symptoms, the "BEST" search results are, the articles that list the worst that ever has happened to people with symptoms similar to yours. That includes all the types of terminal diseases, illness, and conditions.

Google does that, just to make sure, that you have the relevant information.

Googling symptom"S" is fine, but googling just one SYMPTOM is NOT GOOD!! If you think that one symptom is bothering you, go to a local doctor. Don't DIAGNOSE yourself with some disease with google's help. Google is just an informational source, not a DOCTOR :p

Hope this helps

Bliss and Bless


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sorry about your brother, I hope you and your family are doing well and yeah that makes a lot of sense now. I bet a lot of people with HA should know this, have you wrote a post of it?

thank you for sharing your story and helping :)

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Yes I just wrote a post.

thanks for your concern :)

Hope you feel better


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:) thank you

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Ever since I started with health anxiety 7 months ago I have noticed so many things about my body I never noticed before the way my hands and feet look the weird things they can do I'm always asking my husband to mimic certain bodily positions and telling him to hop on one leg and all sorts of things like that I'm always comparing myself to him to get reassurance.

I have lots of stories like your but can't seem to remember any right now. Your definitely not alone :))


Im so guilty of doing that.. I goggled a pain the other day and heart attack came up.. Never agin will i google anything.. I got really bad anxiety for like 4 days after that... Im a believer in God . so when i feel at my worst i start praying and that helps a lot

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I knew what u found on google as soon as I seen hiccups, I remember seeing it on a news story a guy had hiccups but the were continuous for months and he had a brain tumour, I've sat for 5 hrs at a time reading about symtoms I have and crying with fear I have some terrible disease and worse I have lupus found out 4 years ago and I googled that I nearly had a mental breakdown!! My mum said she would smash my lap top I couldn't stop googling and crying!! I'm still bad now, I can't help it it's like a addiction I know it doesn't help at all it makes me worse and because iv done so much research it makes me worse, before the internet it use to be health A to Z!! My daughter came to me this morning with a lump in her armpit I was calm and said it just a little lymph glad dnt worry but inside my first thought omg lymphoma she's been really tired lately too then I thought it's a tiny gland that hurts when pressed yes she's tired but that's becsuse she's out frm 11 till 8 pm with her horse everyday, just done her gcses etc and has no other symtoms, il give it a week to see if it goes but all day my mind keeps slipping back to the awful thoughts, iv just been trying to feel it when she's asleep but she moved!!

My advice dnt google but I know it's so hard but just to put ur mind at rest a little when I was researching lupus it was coming up with a lot of things so I typed in lupus and smelly feet guess what there was loads of stuff about lupus and a connection to smelly feet!!!!!! If u google anything u will find it xxxxxx


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