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Anxiety & Sleep

For the past few years I've been dreaming that I'm choking on gum a lot and one time it got so bad that I was standing over a trash can gagging trying to spit it out, cotton balls, rings, movie tickets, & once a rat which was terrifying. I wake up and can feel it in my throat and I keep choking, gagging and trying to get it out of my throat. Eventually I'll realize I'm fine and the sensation will go away. There's been a drew times where I've fallen asleep for a few minutes and woken up to feeling like there's a lump/object in my throat. Could this all be due to anxiety?

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When we dream our subconscious takes over so if we are worried about something it will come out in a dream. It's the same for thing that your subconscious wants you to know and deal with

For me if it was my dream I would look at where in my life I am not saying what I need to.

Does this happen during the day when you are awake?

It could be the wind pipe being blocked and so the feeling of something in your thought if you sleep with anyone ask them if you stop breathing for tiny spaces of time a lot of people do and I have a c. Pap machine to keep my airways open

Hope this has helped good luck


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