Health anxiety please help

I've been on tablets now for 2 weeks only 10mg citrolapram and I'm still worrying about being olive had a headache on one side that the doc said is purely tension my throat is killing when I swallow and my ear hurts when I swallow doc checked and said no infection just fighting a viral thing off I'm convinced there's something up

More serious how can

I snap out of it????


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  • Hi luv know how you feeling i just had a panic and my arms are really hurting now its so scary if doc said your ok try not to worry i had a virus which set these attacks going and am still trying to get through them we will stick together try and occupy yourself xxx

  • I'm on tablets only on the 15th day I think it is hoping they will start to stop me worrying as much soon, it's the worst thing constantly worrying I'm really ill :(

  • I have had a viral infection recently too, and i find it makes my anxiety worse! I am really struggling with it this morn too, you are not alone. i have wobbly legs, racing heart & drowsyness this morn. not been this bad for along time. Im sure the gp is right about the viral infection, there are so many going around at the moment. Hope you feel better soon x x x

  • Only thing that is worrying me is my head its not a pain it's feels like tight but doc says tension from being stressed just worrying me want these tablets to kick in to stop me worrying maybe they need to up my dose as only on 10mg?xx

  • Know exactly how u feel, I work in a nursery therefor catch something different every other week, wether it be a bug, a virus and even had the dreaded norovirus which set my panic attacks of again as I was so I'll for so long with it that I then convinced myself it was something more serious. I also have its which is made worse with anxiety and it's a huge vicious circle. I didn't realise just how many physical symptoms anxiety can cause, I am now struggling with pains in my chest and heart flutters :( xx

  • Aww really? Bless you I so nearly went to docs today about head again trying not to though as I think I'm panicking over nothing well I hope anyways xx

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