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Not enough blood to brain?

Not sure if anxiety can cause this but. Whenever I run late into the run My head feels heavy and I tell you it feels weird. Like I just want to faint. Not sure if it's because of dehydration or anxiety. Also I can't stand for long with out feeling heavy headed and zoned out. I need to lay down to feel 100% . feels as if my head isn't getting enough oxygen

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I'm sorry you've been feeling this way. i've been experiencing this lately. Its scary and frustrating feeling so head heavy and dizzy like you're going to faint but you don't. From what I've read this can be a result of anxiety. Just try to relax and if you have to lay around, which I sometimes have to do most the day and night. It gets worse at night too. I also have had headaches my whole life so I don't know if they have just gotten worse and that's why I feel this or if its my anxiety. Hopefully you and I figure it out. Feel better.

You're not alone.


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That is a very sad story coz all of your symptoms are same as my symptoms..everyday worry everyday think of what happen to you at d next attack..


We'll beat this


Also make sure you are drinking enough water and sleeping well. Maybe will help.


thats anxiety period . trust me ive been dealing with that for a very long time and its getting over my life . and i workout , for more i eat i feel full , but i feel like im not getting the vitamins to my blood.

in some cases can be a nutrition deficiency . its when your body doesnt absorb the nutrients properly .


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