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Help Guys need answers !

Hi guys my name is Michael I'm 23 years old a couple of weeks ago I was out shopping with family and I was on the phone and All of a sudden I could not get my words together when talking then I felt my heart racing and got really light headed then it passed but ever since when I'm

Out the same thing happens minus the speaking part I get really scared and my heart races and I fell like I'm

Going to faint and I scare my self I have to come home lie in bed and watch telly I constantly think of the worst and can't stop thinking about my symptoms I think it's a mild case of anexity I have tingling feeling in my face and head and sometimes my face goes numb sometimes sore chest and my head feels heavy I'm going to speak to my doctor see if I can get any medication for this it is really worrying me its when I hyperventilate and have the panic attacts why use guys thing this could be I also have muscle pain all over my body and help would be great guys thanks

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That's the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks buddy. Google anxiety and panic attack symptoms it will ease your mind some


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