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Falling asleep but feel like my heart stops and I’m dying!!


Whenever I try and fall asleep I feel heart palpitations and I feel like my heart stops and are dying and I jolt awake is this normal? I feel really weird afterwards aswell

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You are not dying!! God is with you, don't worry, you are safe and it's all in your head. Just be calm and have a good night sleep. The chances of anything bad happening to you is like .00001% don't worry 😊

Thanks Isaack just annoying to sleep x

Isaack in reply to caitsxxx1

Before falling asleep just think positive things and then relax and fall asleep. Just listen to music!

Same thing happens to me it's so freaken scary..I try to sleep then go into a sleep but its asif my body is jolted out of sleep before NY heart can stop beating. ..I get this very intence pains then in my left side

I have the same feelings a lot.

I think it comes from your body being overly stressed, and when your about to fall asleep your body freaks out thinking it's dying or something and you jolt "awake

Horrible feeling for sure

I have sleep apnea and that is exactly how I feel when I fall asleep without my cpap...perhaps you should have a sleep study..

I think i have the same problem as well

I had these symptoms about a week ago, then once my I ain't hear my heart , another symptom came it's just crazy ,

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