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I shouldn't be having anxiety right now! Why!?

I was sitting in the living room with my husband watching our favorite Sunday night show and it hit me. I started panicking. My mind was racing and felt like it was going to explode, I started going numb and my breath was getting shallow. I immediately started to fidget around to break all the concentration I had on my body acting weird. Since I feel like I shouldn't be having anxiety I started freaking out more thinking something else must be wrong with me!

I don't get why I'm having anxiety in my own house and doing my favorite relaxing thing with my husband.

Anyone else get like this!? Is this anxiety?

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Yeah I know exactly how you feel, I could be just watching tv or watching relaxing videos on YouTube and for no absolute reason I'll be overwhelmed with the feeling of imminent doom, when in all reality I'm actually fine,

It does suck because the over anxious mind can literally drive you insane ,

I really hope you feel better,

- Tabuu

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