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Can't seem to talk properly

Hi everyone,

After a specific game of Taboo (2 months ago) where i became lost for words and was unable to properly play the game, i became very self-conscious in the way i speak ( i was made fun of by my friends and felt very dumb and inadequate). Since then, I feel like i lost the ability to speak as coherently as i used to. There are times (more often now than before) where I catch myself saying things that do not make sense or using words that don't belong in the sentence. There are times where i say something, and midway into the sentence i realize my sentence no longer makes sense. in times like this, i usually rush to finish the sentence with any word that comes into my mind (which usually makes no sense).

Since the taboo game, I literally began judging every word and sentence i say when i talk; where I mentally criticize myself when i mess up during a sentence. This idea of not being able to talk properly has really consumed me; i cant help but always think about it. This self-consciousness has led to my mind being focused more on evaluating myself than actually having a genuine conversation. This has led to anxiety and borderline depression.

However, i also want to point out that i have times where i can speak very confidently, and my words and sentences come out very articulately and coherently.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am having trouble forgetting about this problem. Do any of you have any suggestions on how i can stop judging myself while i talk!?

IT is really taking a toll on my social life =(

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I think when we have anxiety and something has made us feel embarrassed then are anxiety takes over and we are so self conscious that what was an incident that most would just laugh at becomes an issue to us

Now the more this is playing on your mind the more you are aware of every word you are saying and that is why at times you will feel like you do

It is now about trying to reverse this which you can , could you maybe even laugh a little about it , because that is like laughing at your anxiety which has created this and anxiety does not like been laughed at and the more we let it know we won't let it bother us it slowly goes away

If it helps though I am always forgetting what I am saying , I always get everything muddled up when I am speaking but I laugh at myself as some times what I come out with can be funny :-/

Hope you feel reassured this does happen but the less importance you give it you will find it will correct itself

Take Care x

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I have experienced funny talking issues too and sometimes even feel like I'm slurring. As you said this is consuming you and you are very aware of it therefore it will keep happening or seem worse then it is. Your best bet is to let it be and not worry about it, im sure your friends were just teasing in a friendly manner their is nothing to be self conscious about :)

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