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Weird Anxiety feelings

Hi Everyone

ive been diagnosed with anxiety about 6 months ago , but i still cant believe that anxiety can cause all of these symptoms..

Im experiencing the following symptoms ?

1. Skipped heart beats

2. Chest pain

3. Feeling off balance and lightheaded

4. Weird faint feelings , legs feel so weak

5. i also get this weird sensation over my body , that my heart is going to stop beating any minute and then i get this weird flushes over my body

Does anyone also experience this symptoms and can anxiety cause this really ?

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You have described my symptoms exactly I think the flushes are adrenaline rushes. I also have a hard time accepting this is all anxiety but I have had many different tests done with clears. I have done so much reading on anxiety visited many many forums and reading heaps of similar stories to ours and it seams that anxiety can produce 100's of different symptoms. I wish it would just go away. A lot of people have had success by accepting the symptoms are just anxiety and not being afraid of the symptoms and also not focusing on symptoms, easier said then done but I think that this is the trick it takes a lot of work and patience, unfortunately it's not a quick fix.

I wish you luck :) and feel free to message me if you need some comfort as I think we have very similar symptoms.

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Yes I have experienced this and a lot more it's all about takeing your mind away don't let it win it's easy for me to say but I never believe anyone when they tell me I am fine I always say no I am dieing and then go hospital or wait abit then relaxed and boom your fine it's mind over matter fact


Yes I get this as well I've suffered GAD for 32 years now so have pretty much at one time or another experienced all sorts of ailments etc please feel free to get in touch as I know how frightening it can be .....

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