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Hi there, I've been suffering with high anxiety and agoraphobia for over 2 years now... I don't leave my house at all... I used to be OK doing things like taking the bin out etc but recently Ive been finding even tht difficult... Reason being is my neighbour... He's a young lad, been in trouble with the police (drugs, violence and theft) and Ive had a few run ins with him over him parking his car in my driveway and stealing my bin etc... I'm absolutely hating this weather when I should be enjoying it as he congregates with all his buddies outside the front so every time I go out I get pointed at and laughed at... Called names like skank and fat lazy bitch... He dumps rubbish outside my home and then sends his girlfriend round to shout at me about it all... It's getting to the point Now tht if I need to put something in my bin I wait for hours watching out the window for them to disperse or even wait til midnight when I know the close is empty... When I tried to explain to them my problems they told me there was nothing wrong with me other than being a fat lazy skank... I don't know what to do anymore as both our houses are privately owned... He even got a CCTV camera pointed into my drive way (we're corner neighbours so my windows face his driveway) it's a close too so all houses are in a u shape with only allocated parking.. No front gardens :( he intimidates everyone who comes to see me... I'm finding it hard to deal with!

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Oh I did feel for you reading your post , I suffer with agoraphobia as well as having a problem with my neighbor which like you say for people with agoraphobia on days like we are having when the sun is out to sit in our gardens is like the nearest we get to going out , but totally get why you feel you don't want to as I have felt the same

Now I know you say you are both private houses but still you should not have to put up with this

Have you spoken to your doctor , are you getting some support from your doctor ? you could really do with a sympathetic doctor on side here , a letter from them to the right departments can go a long way in supporting you

Under the Mental Health Act this person could be seen as intimidating someone with a Mental Health issue , the Citizens Advice could really help you with this or if you have a free law center they could give you some advise as well as have you looked at the organization called Mind , they are a charity that can give advise & support , all these you can find in your area if you put them in Google & you can phone & talk to them which helps when you cannot leave the house , they are all very understanding

I know it may feel like impossible to go to the doctors , but I really think it is necessary & would urge you to try & find that inner strength that I know you will have deep down even if it is to get in a taxi straight there & back so you can get that help you need , if you really think that would still be impossible then phone your surgery , tell them you are suffering with Agoraphobia so you need a home visit , they may resist a little in offering one but you are entitled to one so try & stand your ground

If you have not already keep a diary of everything this neighbor is doing & saying it will really help at a later date if you keep the dates & times etc

I no this is not easy but things can be done & as hard as it may seem look at the bigger picture , if you do nothing this could go on a long time , but if you get all the support & advise you need then this could get resolved so can be worth all the energy we feel we have not got to get some support & getting people supporting you can feel like half the problem has gone & a relief

Don't let the bully win , because that is all they are , you are worth so much more than that :-) x

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