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I don't know what to do anymore

After a week of a official relationship, we've had a huge fight over nothing. Fixed the issue then when asked why I was upset he got mad at my feelings and lashed out again; he then calmed down and said we need to talk things through. I left the conversation and didn't message him till later that afternoon to which he was being short. When I asked if we could talk things through later his reply was to the extent of " I have made plans now it will have to wait". Last time it took him 3 weeks of silence to even come back and me being silly took him back after a row over nothing. He leaves to go to America for 2 weeks in a few days and I don't even know what to do. Part of me is screaming to leave but part of me wants to make a mends for the last time. I can't keep feeling like this

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Well not sure what to say in a way as only you know him & deep down I think if part of you is screaming to get away that might be saying this is not the right man for you but letting go can be the hardest thing to do

We all fall out that is part of a relationship but when we have calmed down if we have a really worth while relationship we sort our differences out & move on again

I think if he goes of sulking for that long he is either getting some kind of kick from playing with your emotions or he needs to grow up & be a man & if you are the women he loves then sort out the disagreement & make the best of the time you have together before he goes to America

Personally from what you have said I could not be with someone like you describe would have my anxiety doing overtime , but you deep down know what is the right thing to do & you & only you can decide but people will be around to support you even if we don't have the answers

Hope you make the right decision for you & that you get this sorted :-) x


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