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Anxiety and panic suffer question

I have had anxiety and depression my whole life and it started to get bad after I had a small car accident. I found I was nervous/anxious 24/7. And for the last 3 months I haven't been able to breath fully for a full day. I made my mom rush to to doctors 2 times for a heart attack because my hands felt numb and I couldn't take a full breath. I got an ECG I think it's called they hooked me up to 15 wires around my chest and took blood and said your fine it's just anxiety. At which point I had to ask the doctor her qualifications and if she was just saying it to make me feel better. Still or satisfied I did a full blood work test and everything was in normal range except for a touch of iron. Still not satisfied to clinic to have him put a stethoscope on my heart and longs and he said it's fine. Still not satisfied I went to my family doctor and I told him I can ever breath and my chest feels tight and he said "yup that's normal in anxiety sufferes" so I asked him if he could hook me up to a heart monitor for 24 hours and laughed and said no. I feel like something is physically wrong with either my heart or lungs and the doctors and my mom are brushing it off to calm me down.

Anyways sorry for story, but have any of you guys had the feeling of not being able to take a full nice relaxing breath for a period of months. I just feel pain in my chest sometimes in the middle or sometimes on sides. Belly breathing helps a bit but I feel like I need an X-ray or some sort of test I don't believe the doctors, I second guess them and ask them how long they went to school, it's really stupid but if I don't ask then I won't believe them more.

So it's mostly about my breathing. For a few hours I'm fine but then it comes back for a few hours.

FYI I am on anti depressants. And diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder)


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I'm sorry you seem to have been brushed off by docs... But I so agree that it sounds like anxiety,

Mine feels like a low grade " vibration " and I can never get my breath or relax chest/ shoulder once it gets wound up.

I did not connect the dots at first, I thought it was my PTSD... But as I lay there, I realized, I had been upset internally for hours not short-term bursts. That I had never died from any of the previous 121 attacks, so this too would, pass.

The next day I started researching new meds, new psych, and holistic ways of coping. The deep breathing in yoga helped, but not as much as mindfulness meditation. You can find links on web for free self guides... I used one from Tara branch? Tonight.

It was amazing, relaxing, breathing, becoming one within myself and my world. You get practiced, you can do it as soon as you feel that twitch start.

I'm still waiting on the Dr appointment BTW... But I can do the meditation anywhere. It is said to heal stress anxiety muscle problems, it is as good as an antidepressant according to psychology todays website


I feel like this daily. It's so terrible. Putting something cold or minty in my mouth seems to help some. I ve had more tests on my heart and lungs than I can count. It feels so wrong! I have found that I hold tension in my upper and middle back. Tension in this area feels like it's in your chest. Try looking down and pressing on the back of your head to stretch out your upper back and help you to relax. Praying for you.


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