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Have not been diagnosed but seem to have all the symtoms

So where do i begin? I guess it started last year in September I had just graduated high school and had come off of one of the most eventful years i had ever had in my life. All throughout highschool i had a lot of friends and would usually go to a party every other week, so i was active. School ended and everyone was headed to university. I thought it would be better to take a year off and go in the following year, Anyway, summer was fun and i had a great time. September roled around and all my friends were leaving and i stayed behind, it did not bug me at all surprisingly. anyway months went on and there were periods where i would go to work come home and go to my room and either watch netflix or play video games, my parents started to get a little worried that i was becoming a "hermit" and i guess it was true, but for some reason i just didnt want to go to parties because i did not feel like it. I should add that i had a girlfriend the year before but we broke up during summer, so i had not seen girls or any of my friends in months. I didnt really see the problem because i felt like i had everything i needed in my room and on my computer. skip forward to march... allergy season was rolling around the corner and i usually get eczema because i got it from my mom, but its never to the point where i am mentally annoyed by it. However, this year in particular it was bad, i get blotches on my chest my arms and most recently around my face which REALLY erks me. I started to realize that the symptoms were not going away any time soon and i am still experiencing them to this day. however summer is just beginning and i kind of want to handout with my friends more because they are around more, but my eczema and allergies has me feeling so uncomfortable during the day that its just to annoying to go out without taking a benadryl which makes me very drowsy. (I'm sure you can see where this is going). So I'm sitting inside all day again, and really only go out when im not feeling agitated. its got to the point where i wake up and have panic attacks mini panic attacks whenever i see a rash on my skin, im constantly waking up in the morning and checking myself in the mirror, i have even started pacing around the house because i cant stop thinking about it. I have felt so crappy about over the past 2 weeks that my body is starting to do strange stuff, like muscle twitching tension in the back of my neck that comes and goes when my anxiety gets bad, and just recently i have had trouble sleeping because my legs or arms fall asleep constantly my heart races when i panic, i get shortness of breath. Its almost as if im nearing a climax, because im going to school in the fall, and me just thinking about these problems all day everyday has me frightened for school. I also think for sure that its anxiety because i just came back from a trip to mexico with my family, which surprisingly was not as difficult as i thought it was going to be. I made the conclusion that this was all in my head and was letting it eat away at me because every night while i was there, there was a beach party and i would go and get drunk and during those nights i felt great, i was dancing and having a great time, my eczema and rashes almost vanished or rather went momentarily inactive for the time being. as soon as i woke up in the morning however all my symptoms would just build up again because i could not stop thinking about it. I'm almost at my breaking point, and i just wanted to post here to see if anyone else has ever felt like this or could help me because my friend experienced anxiety in high school and ended up dropping out because it was to much for him, i don't want to end up like that and have to constantly rely on meds to feel better. Btw i don't smoke or drink often, i dont do drugs and was and still am a very active kid, when the anxiety is not sapping my energy.

Thanks for the help in advanced

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My symptoms are different than yours but the first thing you need to do is visit your doctor . He can prescribe something for your eczema and allergy meds that might not make you so sleepy. You also need to explain how having these rashes are stressing you out and the feelings of anxiety you are having. Write everything down so you don't forget anything. If the rashes are triggering your anxiety, the meds the doctor gives you to help your eczema and allergies might be all you need.

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