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Cardiac problem or anxiety?

My heart/anxiety problems started with an event, after a hard training session and a high caffiene dose, tests so far are fine ,static ecg, blood pressure, 24 hour ecg, thyroid but i went for a hot 1 hour sauna and got some pain and illnesse after so I want to see a cardiologist and have an echocardiogram and kidney blood. As its really slow on the nhs Im considering going to the royal Brompton and pay for 3 hour screening with top cardiologist, otherwise I will not no for sure if this is stress and anxiety or a heart problem, I know I cant just do anything anymore I have to excercise slowly and only 40 mins saunas, symptoms are dull tight pain on left chest, feeling unwell slight breathlessness , some soft palpitations but these have mostly stopped. Before I was getting thumping palpitations 10 pm - midnight, nervous heart feelings at night and passing out at work the next day, and tight dull chest pains left side.


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