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I can't accept my symptoms are caused by anxiety

I'm 16 (male) I have had bad anxiety since I was in kindergarden and I have testicle pain and I'm convinced it's testicular cancer. My anxiety is making it worse. I went to the doctor and he felt my testicles and took a urine test and told me that that I had no lumps and that it was most likely not cancer. I've learned that anxiety can cause physical pain but, it's hard to believe that anxiety can cause testicle pain. I also don't even feel like leaving my house. I feel fatigued, sometimes nauseous, abdominal pain, can't sleep/stay asleep, constipation, lower back pain and the list goes on….does anyone else feel this way?

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I have read where it can cause those symptoms; not for myself since I'm female, but I've experienced abdominal discomfort, fatigue, and so forth. Also, how's your posture? Poor posture can cause pelvic floor dysfunction (tight pelvic muscles) which can also cause pain there.


Text me or add me on facebook. We can relate. Adrian Barrientos(running picture) for Facebook

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I had all these symptoms except testicular pain as I am female. Went to private hospital Breakspear. They did Lyme tests genes and infects lab. NHS don't do these there Lyme test gets 80% false negatives.

Co infections from Lyme eg bartonella and Babesia also cause these symptoms. After 20 years of feeling like you I am getting better.

Join Lyme Facebook UK and ask others what they think. You will be amazed.

Get a private Lyme test as soon as possible. Loads of people on this website will have undiagnosed Lyme causing there health problems. American websites are much more advanced on Lyme and treatment. Lyme Facebook is the best place to start.

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