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I Can't Accept that this is Anxiety...

I have felt so ridiculously weak and lightheaded for months. My doctors say that I am perfectly healthy, but I experience extreme weakness, fatigue, confusion, and a type of derealization where I barely recognize myself and everything and everyone looks off and strange. Has anyone experienced this?

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Anxiety will wreak havoc on the body you'd not believe what the mind is capable of. I've been there, I'm still kinda there. I get all of that, chest pains dizziness months at a time.

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I've had a history of anxiety, but never anything like this :( . How are you doing now?

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Hi Dinafil

You are experiencing one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Don't worry, you are not going mad. People who do go mad, don't know they are going mad.

Derealisation or depersonalisation is a way to describe the feelings that you have become detached from both the world and from your own body. Sufferers say it is like being in a dream, things seem unreal, hazy like, find it hard to communicate, feel no love towards others and even question if they did a certain task or had a particular conversation. What may really upset them is they lose a sense of who they are and believe they are not

These feelings you are having stem from you being constantly worried about your own problems. They are not serious or harmful in any way and temporary. With a little bit of patience and understanding, those feelings will eventually pass in the same way as any other symptom.

Depersonalisation happens because you have been constantly focussing on yourself, questioning your symptoms. Your mind has become tired and lost its elasticity to thing around problems, only the problem itself. It has become habit, your thinking has got stuck in a rut. When your legs or arms get tired, they ache. When your mind tires, you get strange feelings of detachment. In all the confusion, you may think you are going potty or losing it. You are not losing it, you are not losing anything. Your mind is just very tired and needs a rest from all that self analysis. Which has become habit. The same feelings can occur when someone loses a loved one or suffers a trauma. They wander around in a daze.

However, this reaction is perfectly normal under the circumstances and the natural defence system of the body to protect you from all the worry or hurt you maybe feeling. Very often, a suffer may forget their anxiety and focus solely on this new feeling which fuels the problem. It is all the worry and fear over this feeling that keeps you in the cycle.

The way to recover is not to not worry and obsess about it, but to live alongside it, giving it as much space as it needs and not be impressed by it. After all, it isn't something terrible happening to you, it is just a natural bodily reaction that is taking place and completely harmless. Like all anxiety symptoms, it is your fear on your fear of them that keeps it alive keep it alive.

Now that you understand why you feel like you do, you will find it easier to accept and take away some of the fear. If you keep practising acceptance, recovery will find you.



Hi Beevee,

Yes, I agree with you and although I have been practicing that, I have found it to be so difficult. When I really think of it, everything makes sense as to why I feel as awful as I do. I have had a very, VERY stressful eight years and it's finally catching up to me...

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Same here am going trought the same I can even go out I feel so bad anxiety has been taking control of me

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Same here with me, I can remember I've always been an anxious person, and sometimes has a sleep and fear problem, haven't been treated for it, seeing a Homopathy doctor, was a manager 2 years ago, that's when it got bad, because my brain was planning when it was time to sleep, gradually it took a toll on my health and I had to resign, was referred to a psychiatrist , who asked me one question. Do I hear things and I said no and game me pills to take everyday, which made me feel like a zombie, stopped the tablets and went to my local Dr and gradually I got well again, Started a new job, which is less stressful that all, my sugar was high and they gave metabolic to take every day, now my blood pressure is high taking high blood pressure medication, tied of feeling sick every day.....


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