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Hi...I was suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for 20 years. I've been great for 8 years but noticed the panic, anxiety and depression creeping back into my life.....what makes it worse is I am meant to be going on a 10 day Mediterranean cruise as I won't fly but the thought of it now sends me into a panic. I'm so gutted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx

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Do you have a therapist? Maybe get in a session or 2 before you leave they may be able to give you some coping methods. Also maybe get a benzo just to help you out during this period but try to limit the use?

What has helped you in the past 8 years where you have felt good try to think back to that?

Hope its just a little phase as you don't want to let this mess with your beautiful holiday. Good luck


Booked a session for next week.....I've been on fluoxetine for years but I've just doubled up on my dose. Dr gave me diazepam 2mg and proprananol. I really hope I feel better by the cruise


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