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Pain = Stress I would not believe

Strong pain in my left temple ,face neck jaw & arm, am I going to have a stroke or worse. appointment local hospital for Ultra scan, Dr was brilliant very caring, lots of test etc to find that no artery blockage all clear but what is it, my total shock STRESS, total embarrasment I've wasted the NHS time, what do I do next ?? Dr yoga relaxation classes, I have a Tens machine at home never used it, got plugged in this weekend cannot believe how different I feel actually slept 9hrs. The thoughts that have been going thro my head because of this STRESS, early days for me yet but I will continue on, I was a srong outgoing person how do we suddenly change ???

This is a shock to me my love is there for you all x x

Janis x x

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Have they checked for neuralgia and/or shingles? My mom had terrible pain in her head on one side. She ended up being diagnosed with shingles. Don't know if this helps. I wish you the best of luck in figuring out what is causing your pain.


no they haven't I was told I had stress also to start yoga x x


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