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Do your physical symptoms persist even when your anxiety/mood is better?

I woke up without anxiety feeling this morning for the first time in over a week. I was fine for a few hours then all the physical feelings started but mentally I was ok I had to lie down. Then just as I layed down my friend knocked at the door and I was completely fine the whole time she was over until just as she was about to leave then it hit me hard again and for the rest of the day I have felt awful.

But I wasn't as anxious today mentally so why are these physical symptoms persisting please let me know if anyone can relate??

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I think sometimes even when we are not feeling anxious are bodies are still adjusting from previous anxiety we have had & as it relaxes it can still give us these feelings , I know seems weird & hard to comprehend but I have found this has happened to me over the years to

See how you get on , if this keeps recurring you could have a word with your Doctor to check everything is ok but usually it is & the more you can let these episodes come & go & try not to give them to much importance they will subside x



I am feeling exactly the same way at the moment. Over the past month or two I have had bouts of really bad anxiety to the point I had to go for an MRI scan as I got myself so worked up and anxious over everything I kept passing out so they sent me to the hospital to be sure.

I think when you are going through an anxious period then when you feel the anxiety subside your body is trying to figure out what it feels and how to feel. Your mind is still a little confused so that makes it harder for your body to adjust if it should be ok or not.

For me I kind of describe it as, my head doesnt feel anxious so then it gets in a panic because its not anxious so it either lets it go or then i search for things to be anxious about as it doesnt feel right not been anxious now. My body feels as though someone has stuck a tube down my throat and poured concrete into my chest, its exhausting to even breath . x


Thank you for posting this! I know exactly how you feel as I've been experiencing it myself! The brain is saying we're fine but I think our bodies just got so used to being constantly tense theyre not sure what to do. And when you've been anxious for a month or more I think it takes a long time for your body to finally accept it and relax. Glad we're not alone though.

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