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Hey everyone,

I'm working my 3rd job in the care sector. Between the second and third job, I started a small business selling personalised products. I was doing quite well, but had to stop due to problems at home, which are now solved. I decided to go back into work to help fund the business originally again. I'm 24, and after my first shift ended, I could not sleep, eat or think properly. I found it hard to breathe, and after every shift I have 2-3 hours sleep. I feel emotionally drained, and everything I once enjoyed doing has gone out of question. My outlook has gone bleak, and I'm finding myself upset over my decision to go back to care work. The problem, I think, is that it's too much on my mind. At home, my mother has a brain tumour, and my grandmother lives with us, who has dementia. Going into work doing 12 hour shifts bothers me little, but being surrounded by ill patients in similar conditions makes me feel trapped and isolated, and as a result it's draining my health incredibly quickly. This was the reason I left my 2nd job (again, all 3 have been care related). I'm feeling lost, and I'm worrying about my health as a result. Pay means little to me, but I've asked my friends advice on this, and they've told me to quit it.

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Honestly the fact your job is much like your homelife makes you feel so drained. You are there for everyone but not in any environment where someone can be there for you. I never got in a million years why health care people are given deliriously long shifts. Police people too. Those stressful important jobs hours are stressful to begin with.

Your friends sound like they know what is best for you. I am in a similiar situation as to you but in a less important way. There is that old saying - a change is as good as a rest.

Could you explore a career in care not working with the illnesses and challenges of your mom and grandmother? Maybe work with babies or rehab Center for people with disabilities. Those are also stressful important jobs- but in a different way than your home life.

I used to work with people with disabilities and occasionally a nurse may meet a person with a disability they would like to date. And the rule was - even if you were trained to work professionally as a care giver to the disability of the person you have a relationship with - for example quadriplegic. You should not be their caregiver and partner if you already are working as a caregiver as your job. The reason... it is too much to work a shift professionally as a caregiver and the come home to your loved one and do the same tasks. Home is suppose to be the place to recharge your own batteries if possible. I hope you, your mom and grandmom feel better soon.❤️❤️❤️

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I really dont no what to say to you but I feel for you....your so young and should be enjoying your life...go with your instincts. ..your heart.....I hope you sort things out soon. ..big hugs. Carol.

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Aspen & My Time, thanks for your replies. You are both right that this job is not suitable as of the moment. Tomorrow I'm handing in my notice, and I'm looking for a part time job in retail while I support my own business. I've booked an appointment with the doctors tomorrow, just to open up. I'm just having a rough time at the moment with this job, but I'm going to change that when I leave tomorrow. What's worse is how they lied to me in the job interview. They said they would give smaller hours due to the situation, yet when I looked at the rota it was 6 12 hour shifts in a row. Thanks for your replies guys, I hope you're all doing well :)


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