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I'm new here

Hi everyone.

I'm new here and not used to talking about my issues so here goes. I was first diagnosed with depression in 2011, had to take 2 weeks off work as i had a complete breakdown. had what is now usual backlash of "your only doing this to get attention", "get over it" and the best being "don't let your personal problems affect you at work". now this bring me to now where at my work were are rated on performance and one rating be call qualities (I work in a call centre). I have been having a tough time with my depression again and been breaching on my cals so much that I am now being put on a disciplinary.

My Dr is amazing she has re-diagnosed me with severe depression and now anxiety. Quite simply my work don't care, they won't make any reasonable adjustments for my day as given by my Dr and are still going to put me on the disciplinary. am i asking too much to be treated by my work with the consideration I should be given? As of right now they think I'm faking it all to get out of trouble.

any help if someone has been in the same position would be greatly appreciated.

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There is an associate site on Health unlocked called Action on Depression they also can help you as your Depression seems to be associated with yor Anxiety ?.

Many employers will prefer not to get involved with Depression and any associated Anxiety.

You need your GP to arrange some form of treatment that will help you carry on in your work environment. There are certain pathways you can take and possibly some talking therapies, generally these days these courses of treatment are for six sessions.

Most people with your condition can, in some instances can be cured and will only need to take medications for an extended period of around six months, sometimes you may be on and off medications for longer periods as you may have relapses. Some patients may need medications for a much longer time.

What has caused these problems that you suffer from, knowing the problems may help you in calming your self down. Is it all work or home or something associated with both, sometimes it can also be personal

Rest assured you are not trying to pull the wool over your Employers and you are also not trying to pull a fast one on anyone who have dealings with. It may be an appointment with an OCT may be able to help in the work place, I do not know what has brought your problem on

Everyone here is ready to help and listen, talk to your GP again and see what can be done



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