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I'm a healthy 18 year old. I run track and cross country in Chicago. I got a blood test not to long ago. Actually last week to test and make sure my blood and Iron/vitamin levels were up to date and for Anemia. Everything came out normal. However The way Ive been feeling. I feel like the tests missed something. As much as I know it didn't. I get a bad feeling when I hear about cancer, I get scared and think I have it for every little thing. I feel dizzy and mostly light headed when I come across these illneses. The past 4 times when it scared me the most and I reacted bad to it was when I came across illneses on movies or social media. I feel as if something is wrong, blood tests came out normal And if something was wrong like let's say an illness it would show up. This started not to long ago. I'd like to say by the start of May it hit me. Probably before to but once every other week. The only issue I find annoying is my habit of googeling symptoms and swallowing my saliva constantly

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I been through the same thing always that there was something serious wrong with me googling all sorts of sickness and there symptoms and saying that I have that and only when I went by the last doctor he said it was anxiety and after accepting it I did not want to take meds so did teas and natural drinks and learnt more about it .I still get a few symptoms here and there but much better so be positive and think positive that you will be OK

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Hello, I used to be in track/ cross country as well as a few other sports. Still am in some, the Drs would always scoff at me for worrying so much while being so fit. I always felt they missed something too. I was/used to be a hypochondriac. With every little thing I'd think, "this is it, my life is over." I'd google every symptom and it would come up w cancer, hep, brain tumors, ECT.. At the end of the day, the bible says it best, but I'm just paraphrasing here; what ounce of healing can you bring on by worry? I'll give just one instance where i was sure I was dying. I had an ocular migraine while driving. No pain, just hallucinating in one eye for a couple hours.

I had em only as long as I feared them. Same with many other symptoms. As soon as I stopped fearing them. Theyd go away. Remember, to ask, believe and you shall receive. Hope you feel better.


What u have is agoraphobia fear of being sick which is an anxiety disorder u need help but dont ever quit running good luck ur overthinking things try counseling or some self hypnosis get ur mind off those things


I feel like I over think things at times, trying to organise myself. Sometimes I think I am too hard on myself


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