Afterlife? Heaven?

what does everyone believe? This is a kind post not bringing judgements on other people's religions. I just was hoping to get a glimpse of what people feel about Heaven. I would love to believe I could see my loved ones again someday. But I don't. I used to be a very devote Church person. And now I believe in God but I wish I could believe in Heaven.

There was a very respectable man at work I know that told me out of no where he believed he was an angel that was sent to Earth and all sorts of radical things such he felt he had a mission, etc. My aunt was schizophrenic so I have some experience with this illness. And don't think this man has a mental illness he just believes whatever he does for some reason. Sort of reminds me of someone who thinks they can sing- but can't. I think everyone deep down wishes they were special in someway. I atleast know I am ordinary.


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  • I strongly believe that there is a heaven. as the bible tells us from the beginning of mankind what has, what is and what will transpire. the evidence is there yet we as human as we are always believe the mere simple people around us. we have seen in the bible that JESUS cast out demons and healed the sick wherever he went. if we really had to put things in perspective then how come we can only live on earth? why do we fall at the laying of hands by our pastors and get slain in the spirit. how come do we feel Gods presence when we fast and pray. we must always remember faith comes by hearing ,believing and receiving the word of God. father son and holy spirit. and last of all the bible says that we were made in Gods image for greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. God bless. hope this helps.

  • It really is lovely to hear of your love of God and Faith. I used to be very very religious. As in I pursued a vocation for 6 years in my early 20's. I lived completely celibate and date free during that time. But then things really changed for me. I used to have genuine tears in my eyes nearly everytime I received the Eucharist. I had the liturgy of the hours prayer books and life was so different then.

    Now I am 41 and have a spiritual side of me for sure. A traditional spiritual side. I am not drawn into New Age or personally anything other than Christian. But I have a respect for everyone's beliefs as long as they don't practise anything that is hurtful- then I would not challenge anyone on their Faith or God. I feel God reveals Himself in his own way to people- and then people have to chose how they respond. The nice man I know who believes he talks in Latin in his sleep and says he is an angel on a mission to help the lost... Is a great guy and find his very detailed beliefs interesting. I have been around family with schizophrenia and knowing this person as long as I have I see no indications at all he is suffering a mental illness. He just believes what he believes. And to think you are an angel put on earth to help people is not a harmful or bad thing. I personally do not believe it- anymore than any of us are put on earth to help the lost and lonely people. Compassion is in our hearts and we all should nature that quality.

    I admire people of any Faith who walk their talk and protect their families and communities and that are also respectful and tolerant of people different then them. I have had friends from other major religions.

    I would love to think I could see my Dad again or see my former pets that meant the world to me. I have to say I have felt what I believed was the presence of my Dad at certain times. But I also know that is what my mind wants to tell my heart. I would love to have that sense of being forgiven for mistakes I made looking after my aquarium fish or other such things. Like things like that really bother me. To have accidently made a mistake that resulted in my pet fish dying might not seem like a big deal to some- but to me it is.

    Thank-you to everyone who shares their thoughts on Heaven. It is such a personal topic and generous for anyone to want to reveal their beliefs.

  • Heaven is real. People can tell me otherwise, but I've given my life to Christ and my God has me. I've read books on Heaven. My own pastors have testimonials of witnessing healing and being healed themselves. It's how I got over my fear of dying because I know exactly where I'm headed. I hear stories of being healed from terminal cancer (my friend's mom) and it doesn't sound surprising to me because this is God who created the universe; why wouldn't it happen? That's my take on it, anyway.

  • That is a very strong and confident take on Heaven. I really respect how you grounded your Faith is.🌹

  • My late husband had a near-death experience - he was clinically "dead" for a dangerously long time. When he recovered he told me he would never again be afraid of death because it's just a word. Apparently all the dogs we've had came galloping over a hill to meet him - except Ben who was still alive then.

  • Thank-you for sharing your special story about your husband. That really is beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

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