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Eye pain for months

First time i am looking for help online because I don't know what to do. I am going crazy so I hope you bear with me and read this. :(

First of all, i have social and health anxiety. It was so much worse 4 years ago, when i was diagnosed. I am better now. But I have been experiencing somethings that almost make me go back those horrible days.

It is this horrible eye pain. I have been experiencing it for the past 6 or 7 months. First, the inner corner of my right eye was painful to touch. I thought it might be sty so didn't care. But it didn't go away for 3 weeks and there was nothing wrong on the appearence so I went to a doctor. She gave me drops for sty and infection just in case. They did nothing because I didnt have sty or infections. My eye, as a whole started to ache. And the ache spreaded trough my cheek, head, ear and lastly my teeths.

I went to maybe 3-4 different doctors, they all said my eyes look fine. I am myopic .(4.50-5.00, right one is higher) and I use glasses and contacts but since this started, I rarelly wear contacts. Once or twice a week maybe. Also docs checked for dryness but that seems okay too. There are no infections, and they did a fundus examination (a doc said it meant there is nothing brain related such as a tumor or sth) I also got checked for sinusitis, got my ears and my teeth checked. I don't think it is migraine because as i said, it hurts to touch to my lid and corner as if there is a sty. And headache, tootache, earache; all appears only when my eye pain gets worse. When the pain is not so strong i dont get those other areal pains. My other eye is perfectly fine. I think the last thing I can do is get checked for eye pressure with drops, it was actually checked by with that air puffing thing (sorry I dont know what it is called ) but not the other way.

It is so horrible today, I couldn't bare it anymore. All right side of my face, head hurts. My ears and my throath feels like I have horrible flue. I keep taking pain killers and It's driving me crazy. Only thing that comes to my mind is now that my right eyes myopia degree (I dont know how its called to) is increased, when i close my left eye my vision is a bit blurry but other eye is fine. Docs also realized this but they said it is like a 0.25 difference so it wouldnt matter. I feel like my eye is gonna pop out or somethnig.

Anyone experienced this or know anything about this, I would be so grateful for your help.

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Seems like you have been thoroughly checked out & one positive is that a lot of things that could be serious have all come back clear which I would be relieved about but saying that is you are still suffering it is not much compensation knowing that as you need to get to the bottom of this

I have something similar & I suffer with sinus problems & I feel all the tubes that run through your face that all link to the eyes , ears , teeth etc as all the nerves are linked & mine always feel so blocked yet also they have never got to the bottom of it & it feels so frustrating when you can feel it yet everyone is saying it is fine

It could be neuralgia you are getting did they mention that one ?

Or migraines as I get them to can give you these symptoms but I think the thing you need to do is go back to the doctors , tell them that even though you know you have been tested & everything has come back clear that you are still suffering & put it to them what can they do about it as this is getting you so down now & you are afraid that you maybe starting to feel like you used to anxiety wise & that is why it is important to you , let them know how hard you worked to deal with your anxiety & you don't want a medical problem taking you back there again & this is now dragging you down

I know it is a nuisance but sometimes it can be a question of just keep pushing the doctors till we get some answers

Have you looked in the communities on HU at the top of the page , there are communities for about everything & maybe if you have a browse through them you may come across some other communities that might have some more answers , worth having a look :-)

Take Care x



Did you get that cure ? I have same problem running from last 3 months :(


Vikash Singh


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