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So scared pain in temple


I have suffered with health anxiety for over 2 years now. I have started with pain mainly right temple and of course convinced it is a brain tumour. I have worked myself into such a state I feel sick, lightheaded, shaky faint etc. Dr checked me for neuro signs ok and eyes were also checked but I am so afraid everytime I feel a twinge.

Can anxiety make you feel so ill. I feel like my left arm and leg are weak but dr says they are not it is a perceived weakness. The pain in my temple is not really a headache but a tight pressure superficial sensation and my neck hurts.

Please anyone else with this I am always running to the dr and paying for expensive tests over other scares I have had chest abdo pelvis ct, mri lower spine ultrasound abdo etc etc in the last year. Dont want an mri as I am so claustropjobic and the last one on my spine really blew my ears and gave me tinnitus. My dr says it is not the answer anyway, if I could just forget about a brain tumour.

Anyone please


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I have always suffered with Health anxiety even though over the years I can control the thoughts a lot better & over the years my anxiety has told me I have had everything you can possibly imagine and a few that according to my Doctor could not be medically possible :-/ So I no how you feel but you have to start reasoning things , I know it is not easy when you believe what your anxiety is saying but it can be done , takes some practice but slowly it improves

With this & I have had the pains in my temples feels like something is pushing on them as well as the pain you feel but that is tension , we have little nerves all over are bodies and they get so knotted up because we are so tense even when we don't always realize it that it is a way of our bodies letting us know it would like us to relax and let those muscles and nerves unwind and when we can these things usually stop bothering us

Think rationally , you have been examined , the Doctor cannot find anything wrong , now I am sure if they could they would have you in asp as it would be more than their job was worth to ignore it

You have to try & trust you Doctor , they have spent years training so have faith in them or like someone once said to me , what was the point in going if I was not going to believe what they said , I thought about that & realized it was very true

I have been where you are though & was never away from the Doctors , one time I was there every day waiting for them to open , but now I try & ask myself when I feel the urge do I really need to go , yes maybe for reassurance but no that there is anything seriously the matter is usually the answer

Are you getting any therapy for your anxiety ? because rather than keep going for tests or even costing you to have some tests I think you would really benefit from some intensive therapy :-)

Take Care x


Yes it sounds like stress. So you need to discuss your problems and aches and pains with the GP. Generally if He has examined you and arranged tests and they have proved negative, He has tried to put your mind at rest.

Talk to your GP there may be a further pathway that can be to make you feel more relaxed in your skin


bourne62 in reply to Hidden

Thank you both. I have wasted years to health anxiety but this time it is the worst, I am so worried. Try hard to get on be normal but feel so tired weak odd problems which I know can be anxiety but why do I always think brain tumour. Here is a list of my symptoms

Started in may then eased and came back 4 weeks ago pain mainly right temple

Feeling of weakness left arm and leg

Pins needles in toes,


Feeling shaky,

Floaters in eyes,


Constant feeling of fear.

I have seen a dr, had a retinal specialist check my eyes etc etc.

Dr said could be coming from tense muscles in neck. But I add them all up and dr google leads you to brain tumour. I have no real neuro symptoms I am not actually weak but arm and leg feel like they are. I can be just sitting there and the shaky weak feeling comes over me.

I pray it is just anxiety as I am not young and dont want to ruin my dear husband and mines life anymore.

My dr is not supportive and I have tried looking for a private therapist but dont know where to start.

Any coping tips or reassurance this is just anxiety appreciated.


Tillybeana in reply to bourne62

Hi, I was having a few of the dame symptoms. After having lab work done my Dr. found out that I had a B12 deficiency ;which can cause a lot of those problems. Check with your a Dr. about B12. Deficiency.


Hello Maria

I understand your feelings with my condition I suffer floaters in the eyes caused by PSA. Also sometimes if the eye is dry that can give floaters. They are generally nothing to worry about and if you feel you need to see about your eyes see your Opticion.

I get halos around street lights and sometimes a tint can help to get rid of them. Put your mind at rest.

Two years ago I was given the chance of a new test to be done on my eyes, it was looking at the back of the eye in three d. Also every year they check my depth of field and eye pressure to make sure your eyes are ok, go get your eyes checked, it is about twenty pounds and the 3D test has to be paid for now, that is about thirty pounds so they will make sure you are ok as we are allowed to have ur eyes tested every year.

It will put your mind at rest as sometimes they can tell if anything is wrong. I have these tests generally as some of my old family members have had claucomar etc

Stress will make you tired, that in turn will possibly make you shaky.

Get your eyes checked if you have not already


Thank you Bob you are a very kind caring person. Yes, I do have very dry eyes and I have seen a retinal specialist who said the jelly round the eye is separating which is normal at my age. He looked at the back of my eye and I had a very thorough exam. Also had the retinal photo etc have not heard of the 3d one.

Am coming to terms with this being anxiety not easy. Thought I had a swollen gland in neck yesterday and poked till I made neck sore then realised it is not enlarged or hard etc but that we all have lumps and bumps. This h.a. is hell what others would not think twice about we obsess about.

How do you deal with yours

Many thanks


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