Prolonging panic attacks, going crazy!!!!

Hi my name is John from Vegas. I've posted one of these about a week ago. Today was the worst day of my life as far as panic moments went. As I showed up from work, I could feel stiffness on my neck, and jaw areas. Tingling sensation on my head. I felt fullness in my ears, so I try to pop my ears as usual,,,, but it wasn't really helping. I usually try not to take xanax, unless it's absolutely necessary, then I couldn't take it anymore. So about an hour went by, I looked for my Xanax bottom, just to realize i left it at home. I asked my boss, so i can get it asap, (i told him about my problems) He said ok, and I got it, took a pill, and the chocking feeling went away, tingling went away, stiffness went away, but a little headache is there.

The main thing is this is like a cycle now..... IN ABOUT A FEW DAYS, i know i will experience this again.... Which scares the shit out of me. I'm a 40 yr old man, and I'm a coward right now ,crying like a little baby.

Is anyone familiar with prolonging panic sensations, that wouldn't go away for hours? even days?

PLEASE, PLEASE anything would help. I've had MRI before, checked my heart, stress test, ECG or watever, Many blood works, everything in last 18months, and everything is normal..... Please help me....


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  • I've had days when Im in panic mode and can't think of anything else. And I know about that ear popping feeling and the stiffness. I've never taken medication (though I've had my moments of wanting to) and have left stores in a panic. But you are healthy, and when in these situations, you HAVE to tell yourself that you aren't in danger. Take a moment, breathe in deeply, and visualize a GOOD outcome. You're not a coward for having a flight or fight response; we all do. Blaming yourself will only make you feel worse, so don't do that. The panic you set off is being set off by you because you feel your situation is a threat. So at work, tell yourself, "I'm not in danger. If I really needed to leave, I could. Today is going to be smooth, and if I feel anxiety, that's okay." The way to overcome anxiety is to no longer be afraid of experiencing it and that when you do, you see it as not a big deal.

  • Hi bookgirl.

    That sounds easier said than done.... That is my first reaction.

    But come to think of it, you are absolutely right.....My doctor said the same thing. It is so hard to put it into action. Fear kicks in first, frustration kicks in second, then there it is,,, the anxiety sweeps all over my body.

    I will try that. Thank you so much. This is the only place i can truly share something 100% with someone. Sometimes a total stranger is the best solution. Being as selfish as I am, could you check up on me once in a great while. You've given me a little breathing room, thanks...

  • You could try MINDFULNESS, for that you will need to discuss with your GP. It is relaxation techniques. Also you could adapt relaxation techniques called the Alexander technique that is a useful way to get rid of panic attacks.

    Breathing techniques can also help you and again you could ask your GP about some sessions. The above may be able to help you. Sometimes it can be a very progressive way to control panic attacks


  • Hi I have just undertak week Mindfulness course. The programme for tjdpdwgp course is on guilfordMindfulness. You can then download the list of audio etc and follow the programme. But you must stick to religiously . I had this course free through my Mental Health Team

    good luck

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