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Anxiety - some tips

Hello, I myself have suffered from depression and have since recovered from my last episode, but I have several friends who have anxiety. They come to me to help them see a more calm reasoning to their particular fears, as they are heightened at times of their attacks and there is always a more sensible way of explaining the actual facts of the subject they are anxious about. In times of anxiety, the body starts producing more of the flight or fight hormones and the brain then goes into overdrive trying to control and get rid this surge of hormones, which then produces the anxious mental and physical symptoms. If you have a friend that you know is sensible, down to earth and can give you another take on your particular fear(s) or find out the triggers of a fear if you don't know why you have the anxiety, ask them to help you find this out by talking through it.

I also thought of a good idea recently. When you are not in the anxiety mode, obtain a nice box and a note pad. Call it your go-to box and you can put in there, everything that calms you during these attacks. Relaxation CD's, particular music cd etc. Put on a notelet, the name of a particular website or part of it that was helpful to you when you became anxious. Things that make you smile. Favourite items that you have that remind you of better time e.g. photographs, toys, objects etc. I also have taken up swimming and one of my two friends now comes with me.....this is most relaxing. The other friend will be coming soon too. If you don't feel like doing any exercise outside , just dance around the house with music or better still, sing your favourite uplifting song in your head and dance to it - no one is watching!! ( I do this all the time).

PS Actually writing a diary daily of not just your fears and anxieties but what/who you have observed during each day, DOES help tremendously. Keep it in the box. It helps you live in the moment. Reading it back to yourself in a few months time, does give you a good insight into your anxiety and helps you acknowledge what you have gone through and how strong you have been to work through it. It can be upsetting when reading (good for the emotions) but it is also eye opening!

I hope the above suggestions are of help to someone. With best wishes.

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I find writing things down helps ,most of all good friends who understand goes long way ,mornings are the worst time for me that's wen I have all my negative thoughts even getting to work is a struggle ,my son has left home after 25 years I now live alone and trying to get used to that is very hard work,,I've suffered for years up and down,,anxiety can effect all parts of the body mine effects my tummy so ibs is hard going ,,I joined this group to talk to people that understand,, good luck to everyone who suffers your not alone and that helps a lot x


Thanks very interesting.Will pass on your suggestions.. NEIL.MOSS


I had some CBT - part of it asked me to keep a thought diary. I found this both helpful and unhelpful! When I focused on negative feelings and symptoms - i felt worse the next few days. When I was asked to write down the times my thoughts were more upbeat and positive, and my when I had overcome symptoms - I found this far more uplifting and I had far better days after.



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