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I'm 19 and healthy & last night had awful pains in my back neck and left arm. I automatically jumped to the worst possible problem and thought I was having a heart attack. I've had 3 panic attacks in the past 24 hours. The arm and back pain has subsided except for coming back every now and then, but now left with anxiety symptoms. just need some reassurance


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  • see a doctor asap xx

  • Hi jessicao , it is scary to have these feelings and I hope your bit better now. Its good you posted here and well done for being so honest. Your right when you said jumped to the worst possible through. The whole anxiety bad boy is down to us giving it food. Like we feed it so it thrives. Seems an impossible mission to not react the way we do. So today start by telling Mr Anxiety he is going, not welcome in you any more. Your going to live your life and find things that bring joy to your life. Can you look up Steven Furlick.. Be brave on you tube and also whatever whatever. His talks are amazing and I keep posting that on here because I believe in what he says so much.

    So worth a listen to. 19 is a great age and you have so much to look forward to in life. Start with simple baby steps, tell him he is going .today x Listen to the wee posts if you can and another is Matt Chandler..keep getting up, brilliant x Your doing great and am here if you need a friend

  • Thankyou So much. Your response means the world to me xx really helped

  • Clayton Jennings, also if you can get a listen to him> Amazing guy x Think you would like him. Hope today is a good day for you jessicao x thinking of you. Remember it takes time , baby steps forward, hold onto whats good in your life. Remind yourself your on the earth for a reason and God so wants you to be extremely happy and content with life. Things will get better, sending some rainbows your way x

  • Hi jess have hope and think positive, we all need it . I struggle with anxiety I'll have good and horrible days but I'm still finding hope . I know I can control this and it's really hard . Hope your feeling better, if you worry to the worst it's going to make you panic. You'll be fine stop thinking so negative and tell youself you'll be okay! ! Just keep reminding yourself it's anxiety !!!

  • Thankyou so so much!!

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