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Hey guys so I am new to this so I'm just goin to explain my self about 3 or 4 weeks ago I started to get anxiety I have always gotten it before but now it wont go away its not bad to the point where I am going to have a panic attack its mild but it just wont go away I feel sad all the time too it just wont go away should I go to.the doctor I always over think everything and trip my self out the only time I feel good is when I sleep I just wanna sleep all day every morning when I wake up I feel like I just dont wanna be alive any more imnot gonna mill my self but I just feel like I dont wanna live with this feeling does anyone else feel like this pleass help

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Hi I do from time to time feel like that. It's always easier to stay in better but it's never better it helps to get out of bed and try get on with your day. My anxiety is all in my stomach the more I think about it the longer it stays and the worse it gets. What do u mainly feel with yours?


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