Hi Everyone!!

Just to make you all aware I have requested that I am no longer a administrator.

This is due to my busy schedule. ! Any enquiries about the site or abuse reports will now go to the HealthUnlocked team. Very sad for me but unfortunately I can't give the forum the dedication I would like too :)

I will still be around on the site , just without my administrator badge :D

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  • Hi matt

    I like that , will still be around , without my badge , made me smile :)

    Well I can understand & Thank you for what you have done on here , might not always show it but I for one , have appreciated it :)

    Glad that you are still going to be about though & not going :)

    Take Care




  • could not have put it better myself.

  • Hi matt glad ur going to still be about :-) xxx

  • Thanks Donna :)

  • Hi Jetstar,

    I can understand about the commitment thing. It is hard trying to balance everything. It's nice to now though you will still be about.

    Take care xxx

  • Haha! Im glad you like it. Yesss of course I will be here. I like it here :)

  • Yes Winter! It is hard trying to balance everything :(

  • I think Jetstar, this is what made me I'll this time. I was trying to do too much after a lot of life changing events. I just stopped! Refused to go to work, go out, speak to anybody panicking all the time. I'm learning I need to give myself time and not say yes to everything!

    You didn't need to know all that!!!!!

    Winter xxx

  • Winter that's right. Sometimes we can end up doing too much and we don't end up having time for ourselves. It's nice to make time for us:)

  • Hey Matt thanks for letting us know and for being a help over the last few months. As you said we need to make time for ourselves so good for you. It's good your sticking around though. I'm sure I remember whywhy saying she was going to do a members rota for positive Fridays. :)

  • I am sure Willrich said that would be a good idea & whywhy said yes it would be , but think we should find the post as cant remember whywhy saying she would do it :-/


  • I said maybe you should write a rota and you said it would be a good idea. So you agreed to write it lolz

  • Me saying I agree is not a yes in my book of rules :o

  • So what does you agreeing to do something mean in your book then other than yes.

  • I have to say a YES i will anything less is not a yes in my book & I feel you will find I may have said it was a good idea , but I never said YES I will do it :p

    Now unless you come armed with the evidence of this post where I did according to you say yes , dont ask me again about this one :p :D

  • Semantics lol

  • Yes it is rather petty at last we agree on something Yippee !


  • Not exactly agreeing hahahaha

  • You still here :o


  • Yup just finished dinner

  • One more hour of dodging you & should be safe , it will be your bed time :D

  • I come on here, see this ^ comment on the front page & wonder what the heck has been going on :o :o

    Then realise I misread it *blush*


  • O no :o

    Just realized

    Hang on , I will change it

    Good job you have come on

    You no I have had a few stressful days

    Just a mo , I feel a edit coming on



  • Lol, gave me a good giggle :D :D ;)


  • I had noticed that whywhy, just didn't want to intrude :D

  • Not helping much now Will is saying where we are with our cuppas , hang on I will shut him up :D


  • I'm in bed now with a cupa. I was up at 5am this morning lol x

  • Will you dont have to keep telling me on here where you are & what you are doing , I no & so is everyone else getting to no, now shhh



  • Well our affair is now out in the open lol. :-D

  • Our break up will be in the open in a minute as well if you dont shut up :D

  • Ok I'll behave promise hehehe.

  • Did someone make a typo? Hehe


  • Hiya Jetski,

    Good on ya for getting shot off the badge, badges turn people into self serving MFs, Ive had them so i know lol. The only ones i wear now are the medals i award myself for being who i am and not who others want me to be.

    Love Cookie xxx ( not Cookster ) lol x

  • Hi Jetstar Im very curious (or nosy lol) about your busy schedule, are you working or a student of both :D

    Mimii xx

  • Personally mimii , I would say nosy :D

    Cant wait for the answer though :-/


  • He's keeping us in suspense :D

  • ohh hes such a tease lol xxx

  • :D

  • Isnt he just



  • Might as well go and start tea will check later lol :) xx

  • mimmi

    That cracked me up , thinking you were sat there waiting :D

    Check in later ;)


  • Haha! I work Mimii in Mental Health and volunteer amongst other things. I'm not a student , that was sooooo long ago !

  • O matt , that is either a pic from your younger days then & you are tricking us , because I would say you are about 24 maybe 25 , now I am been nosy :D

  • Thanks Jetstar , sounds interesting good for you, hey cant be that long ago being a student you only look about 18 to me : D

    Mimii x

  • My face didn't work

  • Which face did you want mimii this one :D

    See I have done it for you :D


  • Now your just showing off :D :D

  • Me never :D :p :-/

    Well maybe a little bit ;)


  • I just accidentally went to polls instead of posts, was an old comment from baylien made me feel a bit sad :(

  • Yes mimii

    I have come across it as well & me to , I miss him & Castle , I used to love him coming on about 10 every night with his news of the day , I hope they are both well :)


  • Ooooo thanks for the compliment i am 28 :D

  • and when I say I was a student years ago. It feels years too me , I feel sooooooooo old!!

  • What's that saying. Your as old as the person your feeling lol :D

  • That's right!!! :D

  • Well dont blame me Im only 52 lol!!!

  • Was only 10 years out then lol! Should wear glasses my eyes not so good :D

  • Goodness wish I was 28 again & knew what I knew now ;)

  • Wonder if we would still make all the same mistakes though lol xx

  • Some I hope not mimii & some well I did quite enjoy

    Will all be in the book :-/


  • Well,it's not Friday but I will have to do one positive a day early,which is ,

    Having Jetstar as an administer on this site,no other site will have such a handsome man as theirs,at least he is staying so at least we will still(hopefully)see that gorgeous face,he is like my "will I am""

  • Oh Lindalou , you kept this one quite , i bet you have made his day :-/


  • He makes my day!

  • Don't you think he is a handsome boy?

  • Yes, bit young for me though lol

  • Me ? well you are putting me on the spot a bit here :D

    Think at the mo with my crush on Will-i-am , I really am not seeing beyond that , my eyes can only take him in ;)

    I am pleased he has been making you so happy :)


  • WHAT,too young,I,m 63! Can dream can't you!

  • Yes we can all dream, hope we don't give Jetstar nightmares though :D

    Mimii x

  • Thanks Linda ;) I shall tell my bf haha

  • Love it , that comment could have saved you from these ladies on here :D

  • It's true though :D Been with him for 2 years :)

  • Oh I knew it was true , that is what made me laugh , all these mature ladies calling out for you & they dont stand a chance :D

    2 years well this might be the one then , hope so :)

    Have you noticed how popular you become once you hand you badge in :D

  • Yeah I know!!! I think people seeing the administrator badge can scare them away . I don't know I feel like I can let my hair down and be more open.

  • Yes , I agree & its nice to be able to get to no you more to

    Well this has got the most replies so far , so its worked , people have really joined in :)


  • Lucky him,

  • Lindalou you could have put a :) after Lucky him , I might have believed you more , when I saw you pop up with that comment you made me laugh , wondered where you had got to



  • Can't do smileys,only on my phone,just don't know how to do them

  • :-(

    If you are on laptop or ipad , just put your cursur key over the faces & you can see what people have pressed to make the faces :)


  • Now ladies

    Look at my pic & Keep calm :-/

    Jetstar you try & Keep calm to , I will try & protect you :D


  • Yes that will make him feel safe whywhy lol :D

  • Well someone has to do the job I suppose :D

    Think he has done a runner & to be honest I cant blame him :D


  • He might come running back now Ive done my highlights lol :D

  • Yea & he might not , when he reads this he may never come back again :D

  • Thanks Whywhy :D

  • I knew you would be back lol :D

  • I was in the pub lol

  • Having a nice meal

  • We had pukka pies what did you have :D

  • pukka pies :D


  • They're on special offer in Sainsbury lol x

  • Buy 1 get 1 free? lol

  • O right I will dash down quick then , could even have this as a positive if I get some :D


  • Can recommend chicken and mushroom lol nite whywhy xx :)

  • o right , I will bear that in mind :D

    As long as the offer is still on

    Thank you for the banter tonight , has cheered me up


    Night mimii


  • I had Steak & Chips and Strawberry cheesecake for dessert. No alcohol though, I don't drink so was drinking Appletiser.

  • Sounds very nice , steak & chips is one of my favorite meals as well :)

  • Well dont forget to invite me next time :D

  • Of course I will :D

  • He has a BF put him down now ladies :-/


  • It's yummmmy!

  • So am I LOL Id better go before I get into trouble :D nite nite :) xx

  • Hi Matt,

    It's important to keep things in balance; we get spread too thin too easily. Thank you for all you've done on this site, you've been fab and I'm glad you're planning to stick around.xxx

  • Thanks Faded. I appreciate it :)

  • Goodnight everyone. I am away too. Hope you all sleep well and I shall be back tomorrow sometime to get involved with Positive Friday :)

  • Night & thanks


  • Never see you about,as Your photo is now away could you just come on as a member so I can get a wee look at your photo again,that is if you make it your profile photo.

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