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Panic disorder and a heart condition

I have recently had a loop recorder inserted in my chest due to a tachycardic heart condition, and within the next 4 weeks will be going in for EP studies on my heart. The loop recorder, though slightly invasive, never really had me too worries or anxious because the risks were small. However, the EP studies have a lot more severe risks, like stroke, cardiac arrest, perforation of the heart, bleeding...logically, I know that these risks are unlikely to occur and are just the worse case scenario, but my panic disorder feeds off these worse case scenarios and works me up into a state. I constantly have trouble breathing and feel short of breath, I have aches and pains due to over working my chest muscles from trying to catch my breath, I feel dizzy and lightheaded all the time. It feels like I'm always on the verge of death. I can no longer tell what is being caused by my heart condition and what is being caused by the panic and anxiety disorder. I just don't understand where all this came from! One morning I woke up, it was an ordinary day and I felt fine! Then all of a sudden half way through the day, I couldn't breathe, I was getting palpitations, and my heart was beating so fast and heavy it felt like it was about to bounce right out of my chest! I collapsed and I haven't been the same since. do all panic and anxiety disorders start like this? Your fine one second until you're just not? I'm terrified all the time, my brain constantly coming up with new conditions that I could have that could kill me. I never want to be alone because my brain always tells me "if you have a heart attack right now, there is no one here to help you" I just wish it would go away!!! I have never felt so helpless! I wish I knew a better way to cope!

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You are going through a lot & I can understand why you will be feeling anxious as I think this would make so many feel anxious

Like you say it must be hard to know if it is your heart or as you explain panic attacks give you those symptoms to which is the cause

Have you spoken to your Doctor about this ? If you have try & trust what they are telling you & if not then please go & speak to them so they can reassure you , also I wonder how much support you are getting from maybe family & friends ?

Maybe some counselling would help you through this difficult period again your Doctor could refer you for this but we need to let them know how much we are struggling & that we want some help so ask & if you have asked already then ask again till they refer you

Sounds like you have developed Health Anxiety which I suffer with & even when there is nothing wrong I make the worse scenario out of what my head believes is wrong , but try & be reassured that you sound like you are getting the best medical care with your health condition & it is in their best interest to look after you , now get the same care for your mental health as you do deserve it

Keep talking even if it is posting on here as it really helps

Have you looked through all the other communities on HealthUnlocked by dropping down the bar where it says " My Communities " then going on to " Browse Communities " there could be some more support with your health condition that may help reassure you as well as others understanding your anxiety on here

Not sure if this will have helped but wanted to let you know your post has been read & people do care x


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