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What a day

Hi guys , trying to have a nice relax family day , please everyone feel soo stressed now feeling really anxious my heart racing having niggles in chest now panicking where the hell.did it all come from , I can't think worrying bout family my sister is down , my mum all over won't stop ringing me , my fella dosent have a clue about anything I just don't know trying g so hard feeling sicky lately too , just got over awful flu feel weak. I just need a good relax nice food & bath I think shut my for turn my phone off do you think, but so scared deep down for my health it's weird binkynoo not knowing what to do x

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Big breath and a bath is perfect along with some food and peace/ quiet shut the world out and have ' me' time , time to unwind honey ! Hope you feel better and here if you need an ear


Thankyou soo much , hope you have lovely easter yes will definitely try have a better relax week will let you know how it goes. I just worry about everyone my mum now saying she wont last a year , with all her issues. It dosent help the worry Big hugs binkynoo xx



Sounds like some troubling anxiety going on there and could be a bumpy ride without some help. Keep talking to those you know and looking for ways to relax. Also consider the help offered by the charity Anxiety UK.

They offer help by telephone (from Tuesday as closed bank holidays), on 08444 775 774. You would need to call between 9.30am and 5.30pm. The line is staffed by volunteers who have been through similar problems. If you have a mobile with free minutes try calling this number instead- as will be cheaper- 0161 226 7727.

Also you can email them using the address

If you want more immediate help you can try the chat link by clicking but again, closed on bank holidays so try on Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.30.

Health anxieties are common and for a lot of people get worse as other stresses build.

Speak to your GP if things get worse and your stress isn't going away. if you want to try face to face therapy for anxiety or depression in England or Wales you can sometimes get this on the NHS, and don't always have to go via your doctor. For this you could try - That site is tricky to use but basically it asks you to put in your town or postcode then you click away until you find a nearby service and see if you can self-refer or speak to a doctor. Some of them have useful websites too, but not all services are on that directory so do ask your GP about local therapy teams if you can't find any yourself.

All the best,



Thankyou Dibble for all your thoughts & advice rule appreciated binkynoo x


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