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Urgh, relapse :(

So, I've actually been doing really well for a week or so but I feel like I've gone backwards these last couple of days. I realised a number of months ago that I have health related anxiety. The slightest little thing wrong with me suddenly becomes something serious in my head and because I stress I actually feel worse which confirms my fears. I started to realise that and started getting better. I hadn't had any light headedness, dizziness or stressing over the little things for a week or so and felt like my energy was coming back. Then this week my daughter and son had sickness bugs. Both were sick once then seemed a little under the weather and off their food for the rest of the day but otherwise ok. With me i catch it and seem written off all day but probably more so because just the thought of being sick makes me feel nauseous. Anyway this knocked me for sick and now today i still feel a bit off and tired but its brought back all the worrying. I feel tired, light headed, short of breath, dizzy etc. I know some of this is to be expected immediately after a sickness bug but because I'm worrying it is making it worse. I'm also getting the kind of almost floaty disassociated feelings in my hands that I get when I stress. Almost like my hands aren't completely in my control like when you're drunk but as soon as I stop worrying about it it goes away. I'm fed up of feeling like this and really thought I had it under control :(

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I'm sorry your feeling it all again , it's always a trigger or worse when tired and ill it's usually rears it's ugly head but remember you have got through this and when you are back at full health you will again ! I had a relapse this week and it's it good every time you think yes I'm getting there it seems to catch us unaware !

Are the kids feeling better ? Have you managed to rest at all and get some sleep as you must have had a week of it with them being ill as well x


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