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Dream of sleep

Hi guys , this is to all of us who just well sleep is a dream , I never used to suffer just when was pregnant a few restless nights , until my boy was say 2 I was bad insomnia awful anxiety my reason found on on a blog test overactive thyroid so whilst on medication 8 m9nths realky bad towards end needed something to sleep diazepan , but didn't like the feeling after , then had a shoRt term zopiclone my mum has these so she was like you need something you have to look after littke boy so I had to look after myself & needed sleep ,luckily it worked I do still have odd half one only after say if gone a week not much sleep , i now I try to have a sleep routine bath herb tea cut out caffeine etc eat sleep inducing foods cereal banana I may try magnesium supplement too , we are all hereto chat to any help tips to try ,but overall please seek help gp too, I still get scared to sleep I have moments try & stay up for long as can x thinking of us wish I could have some magical fairy dust that helps us to perfect rested sleeeeep big hugs binkynoo x

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I wish I had magical fairy dust for you binkyboo x


Aww that's so lovely thankyou bless you big hugs binkynoo noo we all have each other when the nights are long x


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